Pepsi-Cola: The Modern Refreshment of 1955

Vintage 1955 Pepsi-Cola | FINNFEMMEThis is a great Pepsi-Cola ad from the August 1955 issue of Woman’s Home Companion magazine. The artist’s depiction of a fashionable young couple on the beach is just delightful! I love her striped bathing suit, and his bold print swim trunks. The ad even states: No need to explain what land and what age these people live in. They have the unmistakable look of America, 1955.

This is back when soda pop was an occasional drink, reserved for occasions like a picnic on the beach, not guzzled down by the liter as some today do. It even states that Pepsi was now reduced in calories – never heavy, never too sweet. A “light” refreshment. The bottles even look tiny; probably 8 ounces at the most. No wonder people in the 1950s could keep their wasp waistlines!


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