Vintage 1955 Wonder-Power Pink Dreft Washes Everything!

Finnfemme: Vintage 50s Wonder-Power Pink Dreft Washes Everything!Could anything be more vintage 1955 than this swell dishwashing detergent? Presenting the amazing Wonder-Power Pink Dreft! What’s cool is that it came in granular form, which apparently made water feel like a lotion, while the wonder-soft suds dissolved grease the fastest way possible. Plus it is pink. PINK, people! (I love pink, if you haven’t noticed).

But what gets my laundress heart racing is that you could use pink Dreft to wash your laundry too. Be still my heart! It washed everything from diapers to precious underthings, from fine woolens to new miracle fabrics. Plus your dishes. And had the Good Housekeeping seal to boot.  If I could score some of this fine stuff, I’d be a most happy camper.


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