My Vintage Scottish ‘Outlander’ Sweater!

I am a huge fan of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander book series, having read Outlander, Dragonfly In Amber, and Voyager. I also just finished watching the entire 16-episode Outlander series; which I still trying to recover from! It’s one thing to read about all the grisly truth, it’s another thing to see it portrayed. Phew! But it is all so completely engrossing.Finnfemme: My Vintage Scottish 'Outlander' Sweater

So, yesterday when I was going through my clothes looking for items to donate, I found my vintage Scottish sweater, which had been tucked away. I actually got the sweater in Scotland in 1976; I was camping throughout the UK and Ireland with a group of Australians and New Zealanders. I remember being really entranced with Scotland at the time. I didn’t buy too many things, backpacking and all, but I did buy this sweater as I could wear it.

The sweater itself is kind of an amber/rust color, with a Fair Isle snowflake design. But what completely struck me was the label: Finnfemme: My Vintage Scottish 'Outlander' Sweater“100% PURE NEW WOOL ~ HAND FRAMED IN THE SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS ~ FORT WILLIAM (1974) LTD. ~ INVERNESS-SHIRE ~ MADE IN SCOTLAND”

Which means that this sweater was made in the heart of ‘Outlander’ country; Fort William, Inverness, and the Scottish Highlands being key sites! I found this a rather serendipitous discovery, and made me glad I had the foresight to buy such a pretty sweater almost 40 years ago.


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