Towels on the Clothesline in the Breezy Warm Sunshine!

Spring laundry on the clothesline - Finnfemme BlogI’ve been air-drying for about 10 years now, and it’s just become second nature I guess. The thought of using a dryer again is mystifying; why use an energy-sucking contraption when other options are readily available?  Air is completely free and does a splendid job! Yes, it takes a little longer but it’s much gentler on your clothes.

I use a mixture of indoor drying rack and outdoor clothesline to accomplish this. But nothing is more fun than when the warm spring weather comes and I can hang my laundry outside, like today. I have my towels hanging out because they take longer to dry inside. The warm air coupled with a stiff breeze is great for drying them a little bit faster. And it infuses the laundry with a poignant spring air scent that is completely natural – no chemically scented dryer sheets or fabric softener for me!

“After enlightenment, the laundry.” – Zen Proverb




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