Vintage Leopard Print Coat Love

Vintage leopard print coatI have a weakness for anything leopard print. I adore it, especially if it’s vintage from a thrift store. Leopard print coats are pretty hard to find though, and if I run across one I usually snap it up. I do have a short leopard print jacket from the ’50s that’s pretty cool. However, it is pretty dang tiny for me and if I wear it it’s a tight fit. It’s more of a collectible vintage piece that’s not meant to be worn on a regular basis.

So I was delighted when my sister, who lives in Canada, surprised me with a leopard print coat when she came down for Christmas. It is super plush and furry (faux fur, of course), and has a luxurious satin lining. Like me, she is a great thrift store shopper and got the coat for the amazing price of $2.00! It fits like a charm and I’ve been wearing the coat to holiday festivities. There is nothing like wrapping up in vintage leopard print to make a style statement. 😀


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