Those Rad Vintage 1975 Frye Campus Boots

Vintage Frye Boots ad 1975Frye Boots hit the fashion scene in 1975, to be exact. I was flipping through a pile of my old Glamour magazines, and saw this great ad for Frye Boots in the September 1975 issue. They were also featured in the fashion editorial section. A look through the September 1974 issue of Glamour showed no mention of Frye Boots. Benchcrafted exclusively by John A. Frye Shoe Co., Inc, in Marlboro, Mass. since 1863, suddenly the Frye Boot became extremely popular. The Campus Boot, with its sturdy chunky lines, fit in perfectly with the wild and wooly fashions of the mid 1970s.

Vintage Frye Boots 1975Even guys wore Frye Boots. You could wear matching Frye’s, wrap yourself up in a huge shawl, and stride along together.

Vintage 1975 Frye Boots, chunky knitsFrye Campus Boots were perfect for wearing with long wool socks, and then stuffing your corduroy pants into them.  Top it off with two layers of heavy chunky sweaters and a belt, and you are set – 1975 style.

40 years later, Frye Boots continue their lasting popularity. Not only the vintage ones, which are highly collectible, but their current ones. They still make the Campus style, and it’s still made in the USA. An All-American enduring look!




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