Autumn Angora

Vintage Pink Angora SweaterNow that Autumn officially arrived last night, I definitely feel the change of season! Almost like clockwork, a shift to autumn-like things seems to happen automatically. My son is back safely ensconced in his university for his junior year. The moving-in to a huge in-city campus never seems to get any easier, but somehow I manage to get ‘er done, migraine headache nonwithstanding.

I also retrieved, from my huge pile of vintage sweaters, the fluffy angora ones that have been lying in wait. I can hardly bear to look or handle them in the heat of summer, but as soon as the coolness hits I want to see them. I washed three angora sweaters today, and now they are calmly perched on their drying racks for the slow dry. It’s almost like magic how much a gentle washing and air-dry brings out the natural fluffiness of the angora rabbit hair. These will soon be up for sale, but I have to have patience. One cannot rush drying a vintage angora sweater!

The above picture is from the cover of the November 1968 issue of Seventeen magazine, and is one of my favorites. It features the coolest angora sweater, “a pink-cloud pullover that’s angelically hooded and devilishly pretty”, on a lovely model. Fluffy, soft angora has always its fashion day over the years, and is especially on-trend this season. It is one thing that never seems to go out of style.


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