Crochet a Vintage 1973 Granny Square Fringed Poncho

Fringed Poncho 1973 crochet patternI realize that it’s the middle of summer, and that it’s probably not the best time to think of wearing a poncho. But autumn is just a couple months away, and here is a great crochet project to work during summertime. The neat thing about crocheting granny squares is that you crochet only one at a time, so you can take it with you. “Carry-as-You-Go Crochet – It’s Fast, It’s Easy, It’s Fun!”

This Fringed Poncho pattern is from 1973. The style is timeless, and granny squares seem to be making a resurgence in the fashion world. Simple granny squares are edged with equally simple crochet and fringe to create this dramatic cover-up. Make it in your favorite color yarn. You can download the pattern here: Fringed Poncho

Happy Granny Squaring! ~Marilyn

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  1. Louise

    I finally found your pattern again. I love this one and my grand daughter wanted another one in a different color. I lost the pattern and now I have it
    Thank you
    it is so lovely,

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