Designer Betsey Johnson for Alley Cat~Vintage 1973 Fashions


Betsey Johnson Alley Cat 1973Betsey Johnson Alley Cat 1973 (2)Betsey Johnson, in all her 1970s Bohemian glory, is seen here in a fashion spread in the September 1973 issue of The New Ingenue magazine. Betsey was the ultimate in cool fashions then, just as she continues to be 40+ years later. She did a lot of fab funky designs for Alley Cat, and even did patterns for Butterick so you could sew them yourself. I have always dug her funky vibe!









Vintage 1973 Betsey Johnson Alley Cat FashionsBetsey Johnson Alley Cat Fashions VTG 1973Betsey’s bold and colorful knits in acrylic and metallic fiber were the bomb! Totally outrageous and cool, these beauties are highly collectible today.










Betsey Johnson Alley Cat fashions 1973Betsey Johnson Alley Cat 70s fashionsBetsey also designed for those with Boho gypsy flair. Flowing tent dresses, long print skirts, antique floral wrap tops and full gathered pants fit the bill.











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  1. Drury

    I have a red corduroy dress with pockets and buttons down the front that has an Alley Cat by Betsey Johnson label on it. I distinctly remember wearing this dress when I was about 15 or 16 (1971-1973). My daughter is insisting that I would not have had this dress until the 1980s. Can you give me some guidance as to where to research this? Many thanks. Drury

    P.S. I f you want I can send a picture of it.

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