I Caved…Back To Haircoloring For Me

vintage redheadOkay, I admit I gave in. After giving my roots-growing-out experiment the old college try for four months, I had pretty much had it. Why? Because frankly I got even more obsessed by my hair. I spent too much time looking at what color was growing in, and debating whether or not it I liked it. And I really don’t like having to be constantly worried about my hair – takes up way too much space in my brain – I don’t have time for that!

My roots were not growing in gray, but rather a dark taupe color which made me feel kind of blah. I also figured out that the scalp sensitivity I was experiencing was not due to hair coloring, but to a hard bristle brush I was using. I’ve since thrown away the brush and now use a 100% boar bristle brush. My scalp thanks me.

I grabbed the box of L’Oreal Excellence (because I’m worth it) medium golden blonde hair color  that I’d been saving, and swiftly colored my hair before I changed my mind. Now my hair is back to a golden strawberry blonde (I’m a natural redhead), and it feels good. As a bonus, I really like the texture and volume that hair coloring gives me. Having swingy bright hair is fun, and anything that lifts the spirit is okay by me!


3 Responses to “I Caved…Back To Haircoloring For Me”

  1. Diane Laag

    Dear Marilyn, Good for you! My best friend who happens to be completely gray, decided to grow out her dyed hair to her gray color that she has today.
    She also cut off all the dye that was hanging onto the ends. I gave her the cut… Real short, a bit spiky on top. Before she cut her hair and decided to go gray, I read something to her about deciding to not color again.
    It’s not only a decision to stop coloring your hair, it’s an acceptance of where you are in your life. It’s letting go of some of your youth . It’s a big transition but as long as one is happy and comfortable with themselves then why not?
    I’m with you though. I like color! It feels good, looks good and for some reason I think that we are just not ready to cross over to the other side…… Yet…

  2. finnfemme

    Hi Diane,
    If my hair were to grow in a nice light gray color, I’d probably go for it! I am envious of those who turn a bright gray. Unfortunately for most of us redheads, it doesn’t come in that way. Dark taupe is not an acceptable color in my book -HA! My mom, at 92, still colors her hair and it looks beautiful. I will probably be doing the same thing at her age!

  3. Debra

    Mine is growing in white. I only use Henna for dying, because the chemical dyes wreck my hair’s condition and I like it long. I never brush my thick, wavy hair — just use a wide-toothed comb on it, like the ones they sell for horses’ tails 😀

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