Letting My Hair Be

Vintage HairIt’s been exactly three months since I last colored my hair. Usually around this time I would be be frantically gathering up my coloring kit and preparing to launch myself into another hair dyeing session. But no; I am sticking with my 2014 plan to not color my hair, and it feels good!

My scalp feels a whole lot healthier. It was getting increasingly more irritated with redness and flakiness after every hair coloring session, and now I can just let my scalp go back to its natural state. Since I’m growing out my bangs, I’ve also stopped using product (hairspray, gels, pomades, leave-in conditioner) on my hair. I basically just shampoo and condition every three days or so. I’ve cut back on blow drying – I let my hair air-dry as much as possible, and then blow dry it with a brush to finish and smooth it out.

My roots are growing in kind of a burnished taupe-y color and I’m okay with that. I’ve grown more accepting of what my natural hair color is supposed to be at this stage of my life, and am even a little excited. I am finally going to sit back and see what Mother Nature has planned for my hair in my late 50s. Not doing much to my hair saves time, money, and is restoring health to my scalp and tresses.


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