Drink More Water and Wash Your Face!

Okay, you’ve got to excuse me if I sound a bit crotchety here but what the heck, people! I’ve been reading all sorts of new year’s resolutions on blogs and articles, and the ones that stand out are that a lot of people are resolving to drink more water, and wash their faces. Seriously? I am stunned at how little water most people seem to drink, and how they can’t be bothered to wash their dirty faces at the end of the day. Apparently there are a lot of dehydrated and grimy-faced souls in our midst. And it is so basic and simple to fix – water to drink and cleanse is pretty much abundantly available everywhere in the first world – so it is not a question of scarcity or expense.

Drink more waterThis was unbeknownst to me because I have been a serious water-drinker for over 30 years, so I just assumed that others were drinking water too. It’s an ingrained habit with me because I’ve done it for so long. If I go without water for a sustained period of time, I feel like a fish out of water, my body craves it and I’m literally gasping. I wake up and drink the glass of water that I have on my nightstand to start my day. All day long I drink water – I have a tall glass on my kitchen counter that I constantly drink from and refill – and if I go out I take my water bottle with me. I’m pretty basic, I just drink regular tap water that I filter through a Brita pitcher.

Wash your faceAnd women not bothering to wash their makeup/sunscreen/dirt/environmental pollution off before bed? What’s up with that? Besides setting yourself up for facial inflammation and irritation, who wants to sleep in gunked-up skin? It just doesn’t feel good.  I can honestly say that I have never gone to bed without washing my face. Never. Unthinkable. I think I got in the habit because I had acne for a good portion of my young adult life, and had to be scrupulous about skin care. Plus, I would hate to see what my pillowcase looked like in the morning!

So get a’ washing and a’ drinking. Water is your friend. 🙂


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