Vintage 30s Old Dutch Cleanser Christmas

Old Dutch Cleanser Christmas ad 1936I ran across this 1936 ad for Old Dutch Cleanser, which is cool because it’s a timely Christmas ad. I really like the cute decorated tree. But on closer inspection I noticed that the tree is decorated with the Old Dutch Cleanser girl ornaments! Then I saw that you could order these ornaments, which were actually Old Dutch Rubber Cleaning Sponges. You merely had to fill out the coupon, chose your color of either Blue and white or Green and white, and enclose 10 cents and a windmill panel from an Old Dutch label. I reckon that if you were lucky enough to find these sponges today, they would be a rare collector’s item.

The streamers on the tree are great too, they sing the praises of Old Dutch Cleanser:  Doesn’t Scratch ~ Cleans More Things ~ Costs Less to Use ~ Made With Seismotite ~ Saves Time and Work ~ Polishes as it Cleans ~ Kind to Your Hands.

Old Dutch Cleanser is still available today. Even the label is the same, which is pretty great because it’s a fantastic image. It’s nice to see some things stand the test of time.



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