Pick Your Lucky New Year’s Underwear Color!

Vintage New Year'sI’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions, in fact I go out of my way not to make them. I follow a generally healthy lifestyle all throughout the year, so there is never a need to make any drastic changes just because the calendar changes to January 1st. But I do like to observe a few New Year’s traditions just because they are fun. And who am I to say no to any possible resultant love, money, success or prosperity? 🙂

Every New Year’s Eve I make Hoppin’ John (a black-eyed peas dish). Even though I’m about as far north as you can get, I have enjoyed making this southern dish the past few years. Many Southerners believe that black-eyed peas symbolize coins and eating them would will insure prosperity in the new year. So heck yes! I willingly make Hoppin’ John because not only is it delicious, who could turn possibly turn down the hope of economic success?

Vintage lingerieBut the funnest New Year’s superstition is that the color of your underwear will determine what kind of year you’ll have. So pick your New Year’s underwear wisely! Here’s a rundown of what the different underwear colors mean:

  • RED underwear will bring a year of romance and passion.
  • BLUE underwear will bring good health.
  • YELLOW underwear will bring prosperity and success.
  • WHITE underwear will lead to peace and harmony.
  • GREEN underwear will lead to health and well-being.
  • PINK underwear will lead to luck in love.
  • POLKA DOT underwear symbolizes coins/money.

So while I will be eating my Hoppin’ John and drinking champagne, I will be donning a certain color of underwear. I think I will chose yellow this year. Prosperity and success? Bring it!

Wishing you all the best in 2014! ~Marilyn



One Response to “Pick Your Lucky New Year’s Underwear Color!”

  1. finnfemme

    Actually, I couldn’t find any yellow underwear so red it is. I guess I will have to make do with a year of romance and passion. Oh well! 😉

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