After Christmas, The Laundry

“After enlightenment, the laundry”, is one of my favorite Zen proverbs. I take it to mean that no matter how spiritually enlightened you are, you still must deal with everyday things in life. Like laundry. There is always laundry. So on this Boxing Day/Kwanzaa/Day after Christmas, I did laundry. And I delighted in it.

Indoor Laundry Drying RackAfter two days and nights of Yuletide festivities, socializing, and gaieties, it actually felt good to delve into the pile. And since I air-dry my laundry, there is a certain zen orderliness to hanging every thing up to dry. In the wintertime, I use an indoor drying rack in the kitchen. That way it can not only get the house heat, but also heat from the oven and stove. I feel that there is just something charming and cozy about a rack of laundry in the house.  🙂



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