Thanksgiving Is The Best Holiday!

Vintage ThanksgivingThanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Yes, VERY favorite! I am constantly amazed each year that somehow Thanksgiving has remained the humble, non-commercialized holiday that it was originally intended to be. Sure, there is always the issue of Black Friday sales and now, Thanksgiving Day sales. But for the most part, it is all about gathering with friends and family, preparing food, feasting, and giving covivial thanks. What is not to love about that? No shopping, no gift lists, no holiday office party – nothing is really expected of you except maybe to cook and eat. And I can definitely handle that!

Vintage ThanksgivingI love all the traditional Thanksgiving fare – comfort food at its finest. Woe to those who try to mess with the standard Turkey/Stuffing/Potatoes/Green Bean Casserole/Pumpkin Pie menu! Once in awhile someone tries to throw something different in – like salmon or lasagne. Um, no. I am lucky in the fact that no one in my family is vegan or vegetarian, so there has been nothing completely ghastly like Tofurkey. I mean, REALLY now – sacrilege! 😀

I will be enjoying having my son home from college, and getting together with my family. We all get along quite well and love to cook (and eat), so we are having a potluck Thanksgiving at my brother and sister-in-law’s home. I shall be making roasted Brussels sprouts (I was assigned a side dish), and then joyously feasting. Because that’s what it’s all about.

Peaceful ThanksgivingTo a peaceful feast! ~Marilyn



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