Easy Homemade Whipped Coconut Oil~Argan Oil Skin Lotion

homemade coconut oil argan oil whipped lotionI LOVE coconut oil! Not only do I consume liberal amounts of it, I also use it topically. Coconut oil has many health benefits when you eat it, but there are equally as many benefits when you apply it directly on your skin. It is unadulterated and free of harsh chemicals, has a high lauric acid content, is free of damaging vegetable oils, easily absorbed into the skin, aids in sloughing off dead skin, has long-term structural benefits, and is composed of triglycerides that convert to antimicrobial-free fatty acids that help fight infections when applied to the skin.

The one thing that always bothered me about applying coconut oil to the skin is its consistency. It is hard and not easily spreadable. The jar that I kept in my (cold) bathroom was usually rock solid. So to use it as a lotion I had to dig it out with a bit of muscle and apply it to my skin. It does melt when making contact with your warm skin, but it is rather messy and inconsistent. Somehow clumps of coconut oil managed to go flying across the room during application too. Like I said – a mess!

homemade coconut oil argan oil whipped lotion So I read about making homemade coconut oil lotion by whipping it to give it a fluffier texture –VOILA!  I just had to try it. It was actually quite simple to do. You can make it by using just coconut oil alone, but I had some argan oil on hand and decided to use that too. I did not add fragrance because I find it irritating, but add it if you like a more scented lotion. All you need is:

  1. One cup of organic virgin Coconut Oil
  2. One teaspoon of Argan Oil (optional)
  3. A few drops essential oil for fragrance (optional)
  4. KitchenAid mixer

Homemade Coconut Oil-Argan Oil whipped lotion~Measure one cup of coconut oil and add to KitchenAid mixer bowl.

Homemade coconut oil argan oil whipped lotion~Add one teaspoon of argan oil to coconut oil in bowl (optional).

Homemade coconut oil argan oil whipped lotion~Using whip attachment, blend for 6 to 7 minutes on high setting.

homemade coconut oil argan oil whipped lotion~That was simple – done! Nicely whipped.


homemade coconut oil argan oil whipped lotion~ Spoon in desired container and cover. This lotion is absolutely sumptuous. Enjoy your soft, glowing, and beautiful skin! 🙂





10 Responses to “Easy Homemade Whipped Coconut Oil~Argan Oil Skin Lotion”

  1. finnfemme

    I just had to add a comment about my experiences with argan oil alone. As an experiment, I tried using a couple drops of 100% organic virgin argan oil directly on my face and neck. Apparently it turns out that I have ‘allergic contact dermatitis’ to argan oil, as it turned my face and neck bright red with inflammation. Oops! After a brief Google search, I found that this has happened to many other people. So while this coconut oil/argan oil lotion works just fine for me on my body, I don’t use it on my face. I will leave out the argan oil on my next batch – actually I am sidelining argan oil entirely. Coconut oil works well for me on its own.

  2. Moni

    what`s the quantity of the coconut oil in you recipe, pls? how many mililitres for example? thanks for an answer 🙂 xxxxx

  3. Marie-Louise

    I really love coconut oil and argan oil! I usually use both for my hair, and it does wonders! I would really like to try this whipped cream out for my skin. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Tammy

    I was just reading that coconut oil unlike argan oil is comedogenic so what would you recommend for fairly sensitive skin that is blackhead prone and getting drier as I head into my 40s?

  5. sekhmet

    A mixture of other carrier oils such as jojoba,sesame,avocado,calendula.Have you tried mango,coco or she’s butters?You can melt,mix and or whip your own mixtures till you create something for your skin.Have fun and good luck.Blessed be

  6. Suz

    Hi, I liked the whipped coconut idea for easier use on skin. This summer was really hot where I live and my coconut oil was…yep, always melted! That is truly messy to. I bought a travel size deodorant (unscented would be best choice), threw away its contents, washed it inside and out with hot water and soap, dried it and filled it up with melted coconut oil and…Stuck it in the fridge. This worked well, extra well as I did not HAVE to get it on my hands, just rubbed it on to my skin.

  7. Linda

    Love this
    Just purchased argan oil for the first time and making some
    I would love to use Shea Butter and vitamin e
    Any recommendations ?
    I’m so confused if I should melt the oils down and in which order ?
    I live in New England where it is cooler
    But weather had been pretty mild
    Feels like fall here 🙂
    Would.appreciate your help 🙂
    Thanks for posting

  8. finnfemme

    Hi Linda,
    Using coconut oil, you don’t have to melt it down first. You can add any additional oils that you wish (vitamin E). I have not make this using shea butter, but I would think that you could use the same technique as this recipe. Make sure the shea butter is room temperature. Have fun!

  9. yamini

    The coconut oil is the best for the cooking, health, hair, and also for the skin. It gives more beneficial for our health.It is natural oil.

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