September Issues!

September 2013 Vogue and W magazinesI’ve received the September 2013 issues of Vogue (902 pages), W (456 pages), and Harper’s Bazaar (600 pages) in the mail. Still waiting on Elle though! This is me walking in from the mailbox holding Vogue and W in all my suburban work-at-home glory. 🙂

It’s been an annual ritual, since I was thirteen or so, to await the mailbox arrival of fashion magazine September issues in late August. I started my obsession with fashion magazines in the late ’60s with Seventeen, continued in the ’70s with Mademoiselle and Glamour, then in the ’80s and beyond with Vogue, Elle, W, and Harper’s Bazaar. I had a brief time-out from fashion magazines in the ’90s, when I was immersed in motherhood and wearing mom jeans and spit up, but I digress…

There is nothing quite like the experience of getting that thick heavy mass of glossy paper in the mailbox. Oh, the internet is great for looking at fashion photos, but holding all that heft in your hands and paging through all that glorious sartorial autumn beauty is a lot more satisfying. It seems as though magazines are really pushing their online editions. I spend an inordinate time on the internet as it is, but I really hope that fashion magazines continue the long-time tradition of a print edition. I like the contrast of looking at actual print on paper vs. on a screen.

Meanwhile, I am making my way through the magazines. I am done looking through Harper’s Bazaar and will now start on the 902 pages of Vogue. Yes, I realize that it’s all about consumerism and unattainable beauty -blah blah, blah – but I don’t care. I love it!



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  1. Diane Laag

    Hi Marilyn, Just wanted to share something with you about magazines. I was a magazine junkie back in the 60’s 70’s. When they had very few “ads” and more fashion pics and articles. Seventeen was a favorite but Vogue was the best! There was a place where we could purchase all the latest magazines for a much lower price but they were the last month’s issue. So Vogue was maybe twenty five cents….. No lie! Seventeen as well. Tiger beat, Sixteen, and sometimes we could find really cool magazines from England. I had those Twiggy magazines where it was all about her. No ads!!
    My magazines were such an important part of my life.
    Be glad you hung onto them Marilyn.
    I think you feel the same way I do about these simple little pleasures in our lives…. Vogue has become such a disappointment. Too many ads and the fashion pages are just blah. There is no movement. The prices are ridiculous! Who wears these clothes?
    I just had to say this because I knew you would understand….. Thanks. Diane

  2. finnfemme

    Hi Diane,
    Yes, I too am a magazine junkie. I can only hope that they continue with the print editions, because I hate the online editions of magazines. I like the look and feel of actual paper. I currently subscribe to Vogue, Elle, W, and Harper’s Bazaar, and I love getting lost in the pages.

    Too bad you didn’t keep all those cool English magazines with Twiggy! I have a hard time finding anything about her, so I think she was much bigger in the UK editions. I was also trying to find Biba ads in my American magazines, but haven’t found any yet. Then again, Biba was much bigger in England – sort of the Betsey Johnson of the UK, I think.

  3. Diane Laag

    Hi Marilyn….. again… Thanks for your response. If you go on YouTube, type in London fashion 1960’s, you will see all sorts of interesting stuff about that whole Mod era…. There is one short video that shows the Biba store . Also look up Twiggy on YouTube. They have videos of her modeling. I loved her!
    Take care and keep up the great work… I am in love with your site!!!

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