It’s a Hydrangea Explosion Around Here!

Blue Hydrangea 2013I have a treasured blue hydrangea that sits right outside my home office window.  Some years it blooms too little and too late, but this year it has bloomed rather early and rather explosively!  I had cut it way back this winter, and it looked so barren and stark for so long.  But with all the Seattle rainfall (hydrangeas LOVE water), it has just gone crazy with blooms!  Since my soil is on the acidic side, I get the blue blooms; more alkaline soil creates the pink blooms.  But luckily I am partial to the beautiful blue hue that my hydrangea creates.

I love looking out the window as I work, and gaze upon the gorgeous blooms.  This photo is of two of the blooms that are draping over my front porch.  Nature is so wonderful. ♥



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