Groovy 70s Granny Square Jacket Crochet Pattern

VintageGranny Square Jacket crochet patternThere seems to be a resurgence of the ubiquitous 70s crocheted granny square items lately!  I’ve notice several vintage hand-crocheted granny jackets being bid up to hundreds of dollars on eBay.  Here is a great crochet pattern from 1973 for a “Out-of-the-Blue” Jacket.  Multicolored squares edged in blue make a charming night-or-day cover up.  Triangular grannies shape neck and shoulders, gussets ease underarms and hips.  In knitting worsted.

Granny squares are pretty foolproof to make, and are portable.  A fun project to make on the go!

Download pattern here: Granny Square Jacket


11 Responses to “Groovy 70s Granny Square Jacket Crochet Pattern”

  1. Molly

    Eureka! I made this jacket in the early 1970s and it has since gone to the great granny square beyond. I have been looking for the pattern for several years so that I could make another.

    Thank you so very much for posting this on Pinterest so that I could find it!

  2. Evette

    I’m reading the pattern but I don’t know what is a size 00 hook. Can you help me please?

  3. Glenys Hancock

    Thank you for letting me download this pattern. I made this in the early 1970’s in different colours and wore it till it fell to pieces. I have been looking for the pattern for many years, and when I have finished my Granny Squares blanket, I hope to make it again.

  4. Elizabeth

    Thanks for sharing this pattern, Marilyn – it looks lovely.
    I’m wondering what ply to use?

  5. Nancy

    Thank you for that lovely walk down Memory Lane, Marilyn. I picked up a few patterns while I was strolling by, for which I thank you. As wonderful as the old days were, I’m quite happy with my life now, but it’s sometimes nice to recall some of the bygone days. I hope you’re happy as well and thank you again. Perhaps I’ll return and take another stroll sometime.

  6. Betsy

    I also made this jacket in the late 1970s and woe it out.

    I would like to make it again in a slight smaller size (I have shrunk) and maybe in sport weight or sock yarn. Any suggestions?

  7. Susan Woodworth

    Many years ago, I saw this pattern in a magazine and made it. It turned out beautiful and was so colorful. I would like to make it again, and I was wondering how I could get a copy of the pattern. Please feel free to contact me at my email address. Thank you for your help.

    Susan Woodworth

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