The Abominable 1973 Fuzzy Coat!

1973 Fuzzy CoatI love 70s clothing for the most part.   I spent the 70s in high school, college, traveling abroad, and first jobs, and loved the folksy, boho, disco vibe of the clothes.  But then there are some clothing items that stop me dead in my tracks and I shout “what the hell were they thinking?!”.

This, er, monstrosity of a crocheted coat known as ‘Fuzzy Coat’ appeared in the January 1973 issue of Family Circle.  There are no words.  Well, there are, but they are not complementary!  Made from razzle-dazzle multicolor acrylic fibers (washable!) in those ghastly 70s color combinations of harvest gold, yellow, avocado, pink, and orange.  Incredibly shaggy and bright, you were certain not to be missed wearing this.  It was recommended wearing for biking, shopping, morning coffee break, dog walking, after-ski…and even as a “glamorous” evening wrap.  Which is perfectly fine if you want to go out looking like you’re wearing a 70s shag carpet which has numerous nasty spills.1973 Fuzzy Coat -Family Circle

I think it’s the dreadful color combination that is getting to me rather than the coat itself.  I can almost see it in a pretty pink or jet black.  But that’s stretching it! 😀


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  1. Kit

    Honestly I love this coat. It’s ridiculous, therefore I want it, and honestly it’s not any crazier than the other things I’ve worn

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