Spring Drying In My Backyard

Backyard Clothesline in SpringWhile I was making sun tea in the front yard yesterday, I was drying in the back yard.  Drying my laundry, that is.  The days without rain are so hit and miss around here.  So when it looks like it’s going to be dry for awhile I wash up a load and get ‘er drying!  The longer spring days make for good drying, even if it’s a bit on the cool side.  A slight breeze really helps too.

What I really like about spring drying is that my lilac tree is blooming.  My double clothesline goes from a hook on the house, around a lilac branch, and back to the house.  While I am hanging the laundry, there is the added delight of the beautifully pungent lilac blooms filling the air around the clothesline.  My rhododendrons are blooming too, all reds and purples.  The floral aromas mixed together are so intoxicating and poignant.  I wish I could bottle it!  At least I wish that my laundry would pick up the scent but, alas, doesn’t seem to.

I shall have to be content with enjoying the lovely scents while I am hanging the laundry.  It does make a satisfying task even more enjoyable.  🙂


“Long live your laundry!” Billy Mays


2 Responses to “Spring Drying In My Backyard”

  1. Debra

    I wish we had lilacs here. I would definitely have one next to the clothesline. You and I are the only two people I know who use a clothesline. I love using it. It’s the little things that makes me happy.

  2. finnfemme

    After 8 years of complete air-drying, it would be weird to actually use a dryer! My son is concerned about my clothesline wrapping around the lilacs — he said he would build a clothesline with posts this summer. It will still be next to the lilacs though. 🙂

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