Pretty in Pink Angora Cover Girl – Seventeen 1968

Pink Angora Sweater-Seventeen 1968I love angora sweaters!  Fluffy angora sweater popularity in fashion seems to come and go (Ed Wood-types nonwithstanding).  But there are certain eras where it seems like everyone is wearing it.  The ’80s were really into angora, with those bold, bright outrageously furry 80% angora sweaters from Korea.  The ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s were also good decades for wearing angora.  There seems to be a resurgence of the fluffy furries in fashion currently.

This cover from the November 1968 issue of Seventeen magazine features a really pretty model (Tina Shartz) wearing a really pretty pink angora sweater.  It has the most amazing hooded cowl neckline!  The cover description says that boys (especially the boy next door) will melt in a moment when you wear one of winter’s great irresistibles — a pink-cloud pullover that’s angelically hooded and devilishly pretty!  It’s long, supple and soft as a sigh in angora and lambswool.

The boy next door is on the cover too!


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