More 60s Fluffy Angora Sweaters!

I keep finding more angora sweaters in my perusing of the late ’60s Seventeen magazines!  I guess I never realized at the time, how fashionable  angora was then.  Anyway, I thought I’d share several more pics that I thought were so pretty.

Vintage 60s Pink Angora Sweater DressPretty in Pink Angora!  This is Tina McDonough, an award-winning ballerina from Seattle in a really cute fluffy pink angora mini dress.  So sweet and feminine. (Seventeen magazine, January 1969.)

Vintage 60s White Angora Sweater -Lucy AngleModel Lucy Angle in a fluffy white angora sweater.  (Seventeen magazine, December 1968.)

Vintage 1970 Angora SweatersTeen models in green and lavender angora sweaters.  (Seventeen magazine, August, 1970.)



6 Responses to “More 60s Fluffy Angora Sweaters!”

  1. -=AM=-

    Thank you so very much for your hard work. These are some great scans and bring back some fond(le) mammories.

  2. finnfemme

    Too funny! 😀
    You are very welcome — thankfully I actually enjoy flipping through stacks of old magazines, even though my allergies don’t.

  3. Claire

    Oh those fuzzy days never go!
    I still have my pale yellow angora halter dress and bolero from my prom way back then. And wore it again after my wedding as we left on our honeymoon and some evenings during!!!
    Though it’s a little small for me now, it does stretch quite well and have worn it a few times in private on our aniversaries much to my husbands delight as he takes perticuar delight in caressing and cuddling me when I’m all furry soft, calling me his fluffy bunny as he gets all amorous!
    Angora has always kept the sparkle/tickle in my marrage!
    Claire WA

  4. Tina Peterson

    Hi Marilyn,

    I am formerly Tina McDonough! My name changed to Peterson when I got married. A friend of mine saw your posting on Angora sweaters and brought this to my attention today! So fun!


  5. finnfemme

    Hi Tina!
    Wow, that is amazing! Your photo was so elegant and pretty. Do you still live in Seattle? I grew up in Seattle and still live in the area. We’re probably about the same age. Thanks for reaching out!

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