Making Sun Tea

I am taking advantage of this relatively sunny Seattle day by not only drying my laundry in the backyard, but making sun tea in the front yard.  I have never made it before, but it is out there merrily brewing away in the sun.  I’ve had the gallon glass container for years, but I’ve always brewed my tea the old fashioned way, a la teapot.  Sun tea seems kind of hippie-ish, but I am somewhat of a hippie of sorts I guess.  Anyway, it’s easy and you can put Mother Nature to work by soaking up those solar rays.  When we get sun here in the Pacific Northwest, that is!

All you need is:  6 tea bags of your choice, water, and a one gallon glass container.

Sun Tea Recipe1.)  Place teabags in the one gallon glass container.  2.)  Fill container with water, and cover.  3.)  Place the container in the direct sun, and let steep for 4 to 8 hours.  4.) Remove tea bags, and store unused portion in the refrigerator.

If you want some light sweetening, you can dissolve 1/3rd cup honey in it while it is still warm.

I was lugging these huge containers of iced tea home from the grocery store, and it was getting rather ridiculous!  This way I can brew it easily at home at very little cost.  I am using Trader Joe’s Specialty Lemon Iced Tea Blend, because I like a touch of lemon to my tea.  It’s going to be a deliciously refreshing summer around here!



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