Emilio Pucci For Formfit Rogers Lingerie 1969

Emilio Pucci-Formfit Rogers ad 1969Italian designer, Emilio Pucci, noted for his fabulous psychedelic prints, did a lingerie line for Formfit Rogers in the 60s.  This ad from the September 1969 issue of Seventeen magazine is the only one that I’ve found advertising the EPFR line.  In the blue and pink palettes of the Taormina print, The Panty Girdle ($15), The Last Word Bra ($8), The Soft Bra ($8), and The Petticoat ($9) are shown.  The Padded Bra ($9) and Panty Brief ($10) are not shown.  Anyway, all of them are extremely groovy!

As any vintage clothing collector will tell you, any Pucci item is of great interest and value.  EPFR items are equally desirable, as they were still Emilio Pucci originals.  I have seen some of them fetch very high prices on the resale market.

I always keep my eyes open for finding that elusive Emilio Pucci-Formfit Rogers item.  Haven’t found one yet, but I will keep looking.  In the meantime I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with looking at this elusive ad!


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