Refresh…Add Zest With Coca-Cola 1950

Coca-Cola Ad Vintage 1950I drink the occasional Coca-Cola; like maybe once a month.  The mega-sizing of it, plus the addition of High Fructose Corn Syrup really leaves me pretty cold these days.  But I do enjoy the old Coca-Cola advertising, with its great artwork and general appeal, like this ad from the July, 1950 issue of Family Circle magazine.

First off, it shows a group of fun, healthy-looking young people drinking “Coke” for a special occasion.  Looks like they’ve come in from a rousing game of tennis, where presumably they burnt off tons of calories.  But the striking difference from today’s Coca-Cola is the size.  The bottle (yes, the artfully designed classic Coke bottle) is positively miniature!  Looks like 6 ounces, possibly 8 at the max, which is all anyone really needs.  I’m sure it had the pure cane sugar and the wonderfully thick coke syrup that tasted so good and actually satisfied.  Not the chemical-filled, High Fructose Corn Syrup sweetened concoction they call Coke today (in super-sized servings, no less).

I am satisfied to appreciate the vintage Coca-Cola advertising, at least!


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