It’s Clothesline Season Again: Beware the Bird!

CAYLZDC4After six long months of damp, rainy, cold weather, Spring seems to finally have begun to sprung here in Seattle.  Of course, to me as a laundry air-drier, this opens up the possibility to finally give the indoor drying racks a rest and take it outside.  Time to put Mother Nature to work!

Monday was a really nice day; a warm 60 degrees, partly sunny, with a gentle breeze.  Perfect for hanging out the load of heavy bath towels that take so long to dry.  It felt great (and a bit weird) to actually hang stuff outside again.  It was neat to see the laundry gently waving in the breeze; for some reason this is always poignant for me.  I guess it harkens back to the generations upon generations of people that dried their laundry the very same way.

After several hours of drying, I went out to check it.  I did a double-take, WHA?  There was a big streak of something on one of the towels.  It could only be attributed to one thing: the myriad of birds that inhabit my yard.  Probably a crow.  Anyway I was a bit shocked, as in my seven plus years of air-drying I’ve never had a bird poop on my laundry.  I’ve heard the rumors that this could happen, of course, but it had never happened to me.  The thing that made me the most irritated, however, was that the towel was almost dry!  I snapped the towel off the line, washed out the poop with Dawn dish liquid and ran it through the wash again.  It got really clean, but by this time the sun was going down and I had to dry it inside.  All alone on the drying rack.

Even though it’s nice to dry outside once again, it alerted me to the foibles that can happen when you do laundry tasks out in nature.  But I’ll continue to take the risk…that spring clothesline-dried scent cannot be duplicated!

Happy Drying 🙂


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