Vintage 1949 Ivory Snow Soap For Washing Lingerie

Vintage 1949 Ivory Snow Soap AdFirst of all, I love Ivory soap.  There is just something about the smell of it that evokes clean familiarity.  I am glad that they have not changed the formulation or scent of the soap that’s still 99 44/100% pure!  What the “unpure” .56% was, I never found out.  It remains an unsolved mystery from my childhood.

What isn’t around any longer is Ivory Snow soap.  It was granulated Ivory soap that was used for fine washables and even dishes.  Like this advertisement with a lovely lingerie-clad model from November, 1949 states, “Safe…in Snow!  Yes, Ivory Snow keeps lovely lingerie lovely far longer!”  The exquisite Empire nightgown and matching satin robe are by Iris.

They still have Ivory Snow, but it is now a detergent, not the original granulated soap flakes.  I don’t know when they stopped producing the soap version of Ivory Snow, but I really wished that they still made it.  When making my own homemade detergent, I have to hand grate a bar of soap.  It sure would be a lot easier and faster to have the soap already granulated!

~Marilyn Huttunen


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  1. finnfemme

    Hi Patrice,
    As far as I can tell, the only Ivory product that still has the original clean smelling scent is the Ivory bar soap. Alas, they don’t make this Ivory Snow granulated soap anymore.

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