Those Swell Vintage Mary Maxim Hand Knitted Wool Sweaters!

Vintage Mary Maxim Knits CatalogI’ve always had a hankering for those wonderfully kitschy, yet amazingly stylish Mary Maxim knitted sweaters.  I cannot pass one up if I see it in a thrift store; they are like magnets pulling me toward them!  It’s so fun to see a bright, bold design on an incredibly warm and functional item.  I got this great vintage 50s/60s Mary Maxim knitting catalog that shows a lot of the fab and funky designs of the era.  How neat to pick out your yarn, pick out your style, and knit it up yourself!


Vintage Mary Maxim SweatersMake a statement!  Knitted with Mary Maxim Northland Wool that was made in Canada from the best blends of New Zealand and Canadian virgin wools.  I especially love the Hockey Player, the Jet Plane, and the completely awesome Archery Target!  (The pics don’t seem to be showing fully on my post, so just click on the pics for a full view.)


Vintage Mary Maxim Sweaters 2These are quite fabulous too – love the Curling, Totem Pole, Reindeer, and the super cool Bowling one!


Vintage Mary Maxim Sweaters 3For the ladies, it’s a little more subdued (drat!).  I do like the Snowflake and the Dancing Ice Skaters.  If it were for me to chose though, I’d actually chose one the men’s designs.


Vintage Mary Maxim Wool Yarn SamplesYou got to pick out the wool color with these groovy yarn samples.  Too cool!


Maybe I’ll find the fab Bowling or Archery one at a thrift store.  Wish me luck!  😀

~Marilyn Huttunen


One Response to “Those Swell Vintage Mary Maxim Hand Knitted Wool Sweaters!”

  1. Marie

    Love the article! I have the “Reindeer” pattern and would love to knit it. To tell the truth, I’ve had the pattern for about 5 yrs now, so I’ve run out of excuses, ha ha. Actually, I have to find a substitute for the Northland Wool yarn, which Mary Maxim no longer makes.

    I loved looking back at how this was marketed to the crafters – thanks for that!

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