Beautiful Vintage 1971 Crocheted Juliet Midi Dress Pattern

Vintage Midi Dress Crochet PatternThis is such a stunningly feminine crocheted Juliet midi dress pattern from 1971!  Quite often crocheted items don’t lend the same elegance as knitted patterns do, but this one is quite the exception.

In keeping with the Romantic Romeo and Juliet aura of the late 60s-early 70s, this beauty is an empire-waisted style that has a snug little bodice and puffed Juliet sleeves.  So pretty in pink, or any pastel shades.  Black or dark shades would be good too, for a more Gothic look.

Have fun crocheting!  You can download pattern here

~Marilyn Huttunen

3 Responses to “Beautiful Vintage 1971 Crocheted Juliet Midi Dress Pattern”

  1. Littece Wilber

    I adore it~ I actually have this pattern and the pic somewhere tucked away in a box in storage~ thank you for sharing this :)))

  2. finnfemme

    You’re welcome, Littece 😀
    I know, I just love it. Hopefully someone will crochet it and report back to me! ~Marilyn

  3. HookaPrinsez

    Thank you so much for sharing I so enjoyed reminiscing with you.
    The patterns are wonderful, thank you again.

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