Sears Christmas Wish Book 1968: Sexy Men’s Edition!

My previous post indicated the fab things that I would want from the 1968 Sears Christmas Book.  I thought it would be fun to continue with a “Men’s Edition”.  More specifically a sexy playboy Men’s Edition (well, as sexy as Sears, circa 1968, wanted to portray -hehe).

Nothing like looking snappy in a corduroy sport coat!  Oh, and don’t forget the silk scarf nattily tied around the neck if you don’t want to look too professorial.  But if you really want to impress the ladies, you must go for the groovy Nehru jacket (with “peach fuzz finish”).  A rad turtleneck and chain medallion are critical touches!

Lounge wear is important – ratty sweats will simply not do. The Hugh Hefner look is impressive when making your move.  This satin lounge jacket says it all, being the suave and debonair man you are.  Don’t forget the ascot!

When the lounge jacket comes off, you are sure to make your woman swoon wearing wearing these lounge pajamas.  Your choice of Cossack style, Karate style or Nehru style pajamas.  All in fab colors of gold blue or rust.  Be sure to wear Hai Karate aftershave for the full effect!

The bed sheets must be satin – preferably leopard print.  Ladies love leopard print!

Every man’s dream: “This Suit of Armor of Toledo Steel is copied from the period of Charles V”.  Only $1,600…in 1968.  Because every sexy man needs a knight in the corner, right?

~Marilyn Huttunen




2 Responses to “Sears Christmas Wish Book 1968: Sexy Men’s Edition!”

  1. silvervisions

    Oh thank you for sharing this fabness! My husband would wear those medallions in a flash – and I’m fascinated to imagine what “Hai Karate” would smell like. Looks like Sears men were players in their day!

  2. finnfemme

    Definitely players! 😀
    I can vaguely recall what Hai Karate smelled like. Up until then, most men wore Old Spice (and Brylcreem in their hair), so this new ‘Oriental’ scent was pretty radical. You can buy vintage Hai Karate on eBay now…at a PRICE!

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