Sears Christmas Wish Book 1968: My 2012 List!

From my childhood, I have a copy of the 1968 Sears catalog – Christmas Edition – otherwise known as the “Wish Book”.  It was always exciting to go through the catalog, picking out all sorts of groovy toys and clothes, and dreaming of finding them under the tree.  The quirky thing about the Wish Book was that good old reliable Sears always threw in some outrageously expensive items to the mix.  But most of the items were pretty affordable, and Sears tried hard to stay on the “cutting” edge of fashion.  I thought it would be fun to pick out a few items that I would like now…so here is my 2012/1968 Christmas Wish Book List…

Fluffy sweaters!  I can never have enough sweaters, and these bright angora/lambswool sweaters look so pretty and warm.  Plus this classic look never goes out of style.  Only$8.97 too!

These shiny, glimmering metallic shoes and boots are so fab!  I especially adore the silver lame’ ankle high boots and, OMG, the metallic gold thigh-high stocking boot is TO DIE FOR!  The top part is a slinky nylon lame’ that stretches all the way up for the ultimate in sleek, slim fit.  The foot section is in gold or silver-color leather.  Want, Want, Want!

These accessory bags were awesome then, and they’re awesome now.  Plus they had cool names like The Model’s Case, and The Oval Vanity, which added to their allure.  And who wouldn’t love a complete set of flowered luggage?  They were the ultimate in 60s traveling chic.

Last, but not least; here is the crème de la crème of my sartorial Wish List – a floor length Wrap Robe of magnificent EMBA Jasmine Mink (with the Shocking Pink velvet lining, thank you).  WOW!  Mind you, it is a robe, not a coat…meant for lounging around the house.  Oh, and the price tag was a measly $4,500.  In 1968.  At Sears.  A girl can dream… 🙂

~Marilyn Huttunen

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