Rah Rah Stripes! Vintage 60s Sweater Knitting Pattern

Stripes have made a big comeback, as they always seem to do, in the fashion world!  Digging through my vintage knitting patterns once again, I found this delightful striped chunky knit sweater pattern from the 1960s. Link to pattern here.  The rest of the instructions are below.

It is made from heavy rug yarn and there are directions for Small (34-36), Medium (38-40), and Large (42-44) sizes.

The directions state to work same as back of Classic Cardigan, which is:  BACK:  With No. 8 needles cast on 69 (77, 85) sts.  Work in K 1, P 1 ribbing for 2 3/4 inches (all sizes) ending on K 1, P 1 row.  Change to No. 11 needles.  1ST PATTERN ROW: K 1, * sl 1 as if to P, K 1, repeat from * across row.  2ND PATTERN ROW: P across row.  Repeat these 2 rows until back measures 14 (14 1/2, 15 1/2) inches from beg. or length desired to underarm ending with 2nd pattern row.  SHAPE RAGLAN: NEXT 2 ROWS: Bind off 5 sts (all sizes) at beg. of each row.  NEXT 5 ROWS: Dec 1 st at beg and end of row.  NEXT ROW: Work even in pattern.  NEXT ROW:  Dec 1 st at beg and end of row.  Repeat last 2 rows 13 (16, 19) times.  Bind off remaining sts.

Have fun knitting up this fab sweater!

~Marilyn Huttunen

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