Marilyn and Me

I’ve always loved the fact that Marilyn Monroe and I both share a name, Marilyn, and a birthday, June 1st. She is exactly 29 years older than me. My mom denies the fact that she named me after Marilyn Monroe. I’m pretty sure that she didn’t know that her birthday was also June 1st, but I think you’d have to have your head stuck in the sand if you didn’t know who Marilyn Monroe was!

You see, I was born in 1955, at the height of Marilyn’s stardom. In fact, I ran across this super cool pic of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio at the premiere of The Seven Year Itch in New York City on her birthday. Well, it was my birthday too. My actual birth day: June 1, 1955. Which I think is just a bit of awesome serendipity. Here I was, making my premiere into the world (albeit decidedly less glamorously), while Marilyn was attending a fabulous premiere in NYC.

There really is nothing about me that is like Marilyn Monroe, but I have always felt some sort of connection to her. Kindred spirits, as it were. Shared birthdays, and names maybe tend to do that. Happy Birthday, Miss Monroe. ♥

“We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.” ~ Marilyn Monroe

~Marilyn Huttunen

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