Those Charming Vintage 50s Apron Patterns!

I collect masses of vintage sewing patterns.  Oh, I do manage to sell a few here and there, but I find myself hanging onto the most delightful patterns…and most of those are aprons.  I kick myself now for selling some really splendid examples of vintage aprons, they are long gone.  I realize now how hard they are to come by, so I cling onto the remaining vintage apron patterns that I have.

I thought I’d share two really fab patterns from the early 50s.  The 50s were when Domestic Divahood was in full bloom.  Pull out all the stops, ladies, and don those incredibly feminine aprons! It’s interesting that most women sewed prior to say, the 70s.  Sewing a wardrobe of stunning aprons was certainly a source of fashionable pride.

McCall pattern #1578 is dated 1950, and features a full bib apron.  Festooned with climbing flowers, rick-rack, and frilled hemline, you were definitely ‘the hostess with the mostest’ in this beauty!  Pearls added a nice touch and, of course, one must wear a dress and lipstick.

McCall’s pattern #1892 is dated 1954, and the style now tended towards the short apron.  You could work your embroidery skills with this one as well; transfers were provided for decorating it with flourishes.  Pearls, bracelets, and earrings were still de rigueur, as well as an impossibly thin waistline to tie your apron on.  I am quite certain that the women of the 50s never ate any of their fabulous cooking.  Maybe the stress of running a household held to absolute perfection kept the weight off?

Aprons are just so delightfully fun!  I don’t sew, but I enjoy collecting the patterns.  I also wear and use vintage aprons most every day to cook in.  Most assuredly, my waistline is nowhere near those of these vintage beauties.   But I can still feel as charming as I’m sure they felt.  🙂

~Marilyn Huttunen

2 Responses to “Those Charming Vintage 50s Apron Patterns!”

  1. Debbie

    Love that you love these aprons! I have a couple of my grandma’s that I treasure – even a vinage child’s apron – very fun! Here’s to charming in the kitchen!

  2. susan ferro

    I am interested in purchasing you 1578 mccalls apron from the 1950’s thank you susan

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