Hermit Mode and Laundry Drying in Winter

I’ll admit that I become somewhat of a hermit in wintertime.  I really believe in responding to seasonal changes, and just going with the gentle flow of what Mother Nature is presenting at any given time.  I’m learning to give up complaining about the weather; if there is one thing that you can’t do anything about, it’s the weather!  Kvetching and complaining really adds to the misery.  That being said, the weather is usually quite gray and dank in Seattle, so it’s best to just give in.

I love staying in during the winter.  I wrap myself up in assorted layers of cashmere, wool, cotton and mohair (OK, and in my leopard Snuggie 🙂 ).  There is just something so comforting and cocoon-like to just be.  Not running around wildly here and there.

Recently we had a rare Seattle snowstorm that lasted a week.  It just kept snowing and snowing, with some frozen rain thrown in for good measure.  If there is any time to stay home, it is during Seattle snow.  Driving conditions are extremely hazardous with all of our  inexperienced drivers, steep hills, unplowed roads (snowplows are extremely rare), and icy streets.  So it is best to stay put.  Needless to say I was happy as a clam bundled up in the house for a week; very zen!

Of course, there is no outdoor clothesline drying for me in winter, just too cold and damp.  I have my laundry racks set up indoors and they’re consistently full of drying clothes.  As seen by the picture, my laundry got a nice view of the winter wonderland as it was drying!  With the heat on indoors, the wet laundry dries relatively fast.

Now we are back to the standard clouds and rain, but my indoor laundry racks are still getting a heavy workout.  Maybe just not as nice of a view.  🙂

“Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy.” ~ Author Unknown

~Marilyn Huttunen

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