Hydrangea Love

My beautiful blue hydrangea finally started blooming about two weeks ago.  Yes, in August.  I am really not much of a gardener; I mostly just leave all the plants, bushes, and trees in my yard to do their own thing, with little assistance from me.  So I really don’t know when things are supposed to bloom.  But if memory serves me correctly, my hydrangea usually blooms around May or June.

This has been no ordinary summer in Seattle.  A long, gray, rainy, cold spring has melded into a long, gray, rainy, cold summer.  Most days the temps have barely managed to get out of the 60s.  I realize that, compared to the rest of the HOT country, it may seem like somewhat of a paradise.  But not being able to wear cute summer clothes and bask in the sunshine is akin to torture for me – at least once in awhile!  I’m getting a bit weary of wearing jeans, sweaters and wool socks.

As a result of the summer that never was, my hydrangea took its sweet time in blooming.  Due to all the rainfall in the past year, my hydrangea plant grew massively.  I didn’t even have to water it once.  And now all the gorgeous blue puff balls are popping out all over!

There is just something so poignant about hydrangeas.  Their glorious splendor evokes a deep nostalgia in my heart.  I love looking at my hydrangea that sits just outside my office window; its cheerful blue beauty cheering me up.  My son, Alex, took these great pics of my hydrangea.  I think he did a splendid job capturing their essence.  May you bloom where you are planted.  🙂

“Blue thou art, intensely blue; Flower whence came thy dazzling hue?” ~James Montgomery

~Marilyn Huttunen

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