Bar Soap = Leg Cramp Relief!

This may be one of the most unusual folk remedies that I have ever used…and the easiest…and the safest.   For who knew that a simple bar of soap placed under the bottom sheet of your bed would help relieve leg cramps?

I know I had heard about this remedy several years back, but had completely forgotten about it.  But in the past year or so, I’d been having increasingly irritating leg cramps, especially at night.  Not knowing what was causing them, I tried a myriad of remedies.  I tried walking and exercising more, walking and exercising less, ibuprofen, achy muscle creams, tonic water (with quinine), homeopathic tablets, extra vitamins, and supplements.  Nothing worked!

So when I happened upon a recent article where the bar of soap in bed method was mentioned once again, I thought “AHA!” – I just had to try it.  What did I have to lose (except possibly my leg cramps)?  I unwrapped a bar of soap and placed it under the bottom sheet at the foot of my bed.  The first night, I didn’t notice much change and kind of forgot about the soap for a couple days.  Then about 6 days later, I realized that my legs actually felt much better and my leg cramping was greatly diminished!  I haven’t done anything else much differently, so I’ve just got to assume that it is the magical bar of soap that is contributing to my relief.

No one seems to know why this particular remedy works.  Some scientists say that it is the placebo effect.  That doesn’t really matter to me.   All I care about is that my leg cramps are mostly gone, and it is as a result of a completely safe and non-toxic method.  So get that soap in bed!  🙂

~Marilyn Huttunen


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