Mad For Clogs

As I was navigating, er, tripping over all of my shoes in my bedroom the other day, I noticed how many pairs of clogs that I have.  You see, I am a bit of a shoe nut.  Well, truth be told, I am a shoe fanatic.  And clogs are a big part of the equation.

I really love shoes – the funkier the better!  As I was realizing how many clogs I own and have owned over the years, it was quite staggering.  You see, I started my love affair with the wooden shoe back in the 70s and it has never waned.  Those solid blocks of wood on my feet have always felt comfortable and secure.  I got my first pair of authentic Swedish clogs back in the 70s and I loved them.  I even used to wear them folk dancing (I was big into disco and folk dancing then).  I guess it really started when I was backpacking through Scandinavia and saw how most everyone wore clogs, even little kids.  I loved the look and it became part of my persona as well.

I’ve been clunking around in clogs-of-all-shapes-and-sizes for several decades now.  The fashion trend of clogs wanes in and out over the years, but I’ve been quite consistent in my clog devotion.  And while I do own clogs with rubber/leather/cork soles, there is just nothing like the feel of the original solid timber on my feet.  I feel a little like Paul Bunyan clomping around at times!

My latest clog acquisition is a hearty fleece-lined pair.  Since my feet are usually freezing in the winter, these are great for sticking the ol’  toesies in and then keeping them high off the ground.  I wear them around the house as slippers; I know, not very glamorous.  But warm secure feet are happy feet in my humble opinion.  Kind of a woodsy, earthy bombshell vibe, so to speak.

So I shall continue to wear my beloved clogs.  I have them in all shapes and styles, for all seasons.  The clog is timeless.  It has been around for centuries, and I am going to continue on with the wood sole tradition.

“The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.” -Carl Jung


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  1. Brian Atkinson

    Hi i stumbled on your page and was pleased to see a fellow fan of the wooden sole. I have enjoyed wearing them since my teens mine are work boots with iron rims and hobnails and i just love the noise they make and find them so comfortable to wear. lohg may you enjoy the best footwear in the world (my opinion )

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