The Fabulous Debut of Vintage Life Magazine!

Vintage Life Magazine

As of March 12, the digital version of Vintage Life Magazine is now published… and it is wonderful!  Since I had written an article for it (“The Art of Washing Vintage Clothing”, pp 18 & 19), I was excitedly looking forward to issue #1.   Nervous too, as I didn’t really know what to expect!  I had written the article, took the accompanying pictures, and submitted it.  And waited to see how the article, and overall magazine would actually look.

The magazine is in a word, fabulous; if I do say so myself!  The layout is perfect, and the articles are fun, interesting, and spunky! It is the first of its kind to publish a magazine for vintage-lovers…there is really nothing else out there like it.  I am so happy to be a part of it!

The magazine is currently digital only, but the editors tell me that they hope to go to a print version too if the word is spread far and wide.  I prefer print versions of magazines, as I know a lot of people do.  This glorious magazine needs to be in print, so help me in getting the word out there!

Read through the free trial issue HERE, and I’m sure you will then want to subscribe to future issues! 🙂


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