Mod Romantic 60s Yardley of London, Oh Yeah Baby!

Yardley of London – any fashionista who lived in the late ’60s/early ’70s will remember their fab advertising campaigns; I know I do!  My blog post on vintage bar soap spurred Yardley of London, oh wait, now it seems to be just “Yardley London” to send me an assortment of their bar soaps to try (more on this later).  This inspired me to look through my collection of  late ’60s/early ’70s Seventeen magazines, knowing that I would find some great examples of the vintage Yardley of London ads that intrigued me so.

Who coImage (101)uld resist the beautiful English actress, Olivia Hussey, who played Juliet in the film “Romeo and Juliet”?  She was featured in a flowery romantic ad for Oh! de London fragrance in 1968.  “Oh! Romeo, Romeo, Oh! Falling in Love, Oh! Happy Dizzy Wonderful World, Oh! Rapture”.  Just incredibly effective advertising I’m sure, given the smashing success of the movie.  It was the “Twilight” of the day.

Another ad from 1969 featured the impossibly gorgeous (English, of course) model, Jean Shrimpton.  Dressed in country Victorian attire, in pigtails (?!) Jean glowingly hawked the Country Treats soap/skin care line.  “Remember the way girls used to be?  Innocent…shy…They smiled a lot and their skin had a pure glow, fresh as rainwater…the soft fresh country clean, Image (100)men dream about…the clean that’s really beautiful…the way girls used to be…the way YOU can be now.”   Wow – makes me want to go scrub my face right now if I want to look like Jean Shrimpton!

Anyhoo, back to the soap.  As I’ve said before, I love vintage bar soap, so I was eager to try the current Yardley soaps.  They have a new natural soap collection which is fabulous, combining the great features of traditional bar soap with natural vegetable-based ingredients.  They have the gently cleaning and softly scented features I love.  I also got to try, once again, their traditional English Lavender soap which they have been making since the 17th century (now that’s vintage)!  It has the very poignant, familiar scent that is so lovely.  It is nice to know that vintage-type bar soap is still being made, and I don’t necessarily have to hunt it down in estate sales!

It was good to be reminded of fond vintage memories of a great product.  Yardley may not have the splashy ad campaigns of the past, but it’s nice to know that they are continuing the tradition of creating fine luxury soaps in this day and age!


7 Responses to “Mod Romantic 60s Yardley of London, Oh Yeah Baby!”

  1. bobbi

    Thank you so much for transporting me back to high school! Ive been using Yardleys Oatmeal soap for almost 35 years and although I have tried others thru the decades, I keep coming back to Yardleys. Its hard to argue with perfection. As a matter of fact, Im filling my daughters Xmas stocking, and I think a trio of soaps will be just perfect!

  2. deb

    I love Lavender. I have got to try this new line of soaps.. Where do you find them?

  3. Stacey

    Oh the way the very mention of Yardley of London makes one feel! The glimmerik eyshadow, the slicker lip colour……Fab!

  4. finnfemme

    Yes, Stacey, the lip slicker in the little pot! Gawd, that was completely amazing. I can just feel and smell it. Incredible stuff Yardley made!

  5. Marie

    I have been using the yardley oatmeal and honey soap for years. I also loved the body lotion and was so disappointed when I could no longer find it anywhere. Do you know of any place that still sells this wonderful scent in a body lotion?

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