Cozy Toe-Warming Socks

socksNow that the cold, damp and clammy weather has settled in the Pacific Northwest, my feet have been letting me know for quite a while now that it’s time to get out the warm socks.  I have cold feet.  VERY cold feet.  Almost all the time except for summer.  Oh blessed summer when I can wear sandals to my heart’s content; no stocking comes near me then!

Fall, winter, and spring are a completely different story.  My feet turn into icicles and I have to make valiant attempts to keep them warm at all costs.  You see,  for a couple winters in a row now, I have developed the very old-fashioned sounding condition of chilblains.  Chilblains are caused by exposure to cold and humidity in susceptible people.  The coldness damages capillary beds on the toes and causes swelling and redness.  For a long time I never knew what the condition was, but a Google search on my symptoms turned up the correct chilblain result.

What’s reassuring is the “cure” for chilblains.  No drugs, treatments, or doctor visits required.  Just the simple solution of keeping your feet and hands warm during the winter!  For me, this has been investing in a variety of warm socks.   Wool socks in different weights, microfiber, cotton, angora, and cashmere socks.  Also nylon and microfiber tights.  I have fuzzy woolly slippers too.  My feet are always sufficiently clad at all times during winter.

I know now that I cannot go out and shovel snow in my rubber Wellies without several layers of thick wool socks!   I made that mistake last winter during a particularly severe snow/cold snap.  I was shoveling snow for days on end without enough protection for my feet, and they paid the price.

So I continue to keep adding to my sock collection.  Luckily there are so many fun, cute, and stylish socks out there.  My feet thank me that they are being kept warm.  Warm feet are happy feet…and happy feet make a happier me!


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