Autumn Blue

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The weather is glorious today, and is supposed to continue throughout the week.  My laundry is outside hanging on the line, one of the last weeks I’ll be able to do this I’m sure, before the sunny rays fade and the cool rains set in.  Soon it will be back to drying my laundry inside on a drying rack.  I’ve lived so long without a dryer that it would be weird to use one again.  But the transition from outside drying to inside drying is a bit wistful to me;  I so enjoy the sunshiny contentment of hanging my clothes outside.  Inside drying is fine, but comes with the minor annoyance of finding space for the drying rack, and having wet stuff draped over every drapable fixture in my small house.

I haven’t turned on my furnace yet either.  We’ve had pretty nice days, but cold nights and I’ve been able to resist turning it on by letting the sun shine in the windows all day, and wearing layers.  I have this strange compulsion to see how long I can go into the season without turning the heat on.  I’ve made it to October 5th at least!

Even though the days have been warmish, there is still that cool undercurrent of nip in the air.  I have been wearing socks, shoes, and my beloved cashmere sweaters.  There is just no denying that we can’t hang onto the sunny warm weather forever here in the Pacific Northwest.  It makes me feel sort of blue; poignant and reflective.  My emotions seem to change with the seasons too.

Now comes the time to transition into doing more ‘nesting’ things.  I’m reading more novels, cooking homemade dinners, and plan to start knitting again.  It is time to get in the rhythm of fall; slow down the pace and enjoy the season.


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  1. Deb

    Ahhh, favorite time of year. A time to reflect on the months behind us and the ones yet to come. By Spring we are renewed and ready to go.

    Fall and Spring smell the best.. LOL

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