Angora, I adorya!

I really have developed a love for angora sweaters! I must admit that I mostly sell angora, as I tend to wear cashmere and mohair sweaters myself. But I have fallen in love with the tactile fluffiness of a beautiful angora sweater…I can see why there is such a following of ardent angora lovers.

I like to look for at least 70 – 80% Angora rabbit hair content in the sweaters, with furry thick plushness and long hairs. Vibrant colors are a plus – pink and blue seem to be very desirable. Cowl necks and turtlenecks are a big hit too. Dresses and skirts are always such a delightful find. I especially love the 80s vintage angora sweaters as they usually are so slouchy and full; usually with bat wing sleeves and shoulder pads.

I have to laugh when I see a ‘Dry Clean Only’ tag in an angora sweater! What angora rabbit ever went through a chemical dry cleaning process?!? I like to hand-wash angora and let it air dry. This brings out the incredible softness and really fluffs up the angora. I tend to have several angora sweaters air-drying around the house at any given time!

In this day when clothing tends to be cheaply made and of poor quality, it is such a delight to revel in clothing that has a fabulous feel and evokes such a luxurious response as angora. The uniqueness of the fiber is unmatched – I’ve never seen a synthetic imitation of angora hold a candle to the real thing. There is just no messing with Mother Nature’s original!

Keep fluffy!

3 Responses to “Angora, I adorya!”

  1. bobbi

    Miss Marilyn! Thanks so much for the info on cleaning Angora…I would never have thought that I can wash it by hand.

  2. finnfemme

    Dry cleaning leaves angora flat and stiff. Always hand-wash angora (cashmere and mohair, too!) You will be rewarded with soft and fluffy sweaters!

  3. roll necks

    share your taste for angora cowl and turtlenecks but why not wear them yourself?

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