Love Those 50s Beaded Cashmere Cardigan Sweaters!

I was shopping today at a thrift store that I frequent about twice a month. Lately the pickings have been very slim there, so I wasn’t expecting much at all. It gets discouraging but sometimes just when all hope is lost, something marvelous appears!

I’m going through the racks and I espy a black beaded cashmere sweater… 50s, made in Hong Kong, and loaded with beaded flowers—gorgeous! Then I continue on. I feel the MOST exquisitely soft cashmere and pull out another 50s beaded cream sweater! This one is also heavily beaded. The most amazing thing is it still has it’s DALTON and SAK’S FIFTH AVENUE labels. 🙂 (100% Pure Virgin Cashmere to boot!)

I just adore these magnificent, wearable works of art! They usually are too small for this tall Finn, but I love looking at them and holding them. It is getting harder and harder to find these beauties, but I’m glad I run across them from time to time.

It certainly made my day!

All the best,

One Response to “Love Those 50s Beaded Cashmere Cardigan Sweaters!”

  1. Diane Laag

    Dear Marilyn, I swear, I feel as though I am writing these same posts. I love everything you write about. I can identify with all your topics, times and places!!!
    Especially those on Olivia Hussey, Romeo and Juliet, Alley Cat, Yardley ads. Oh and our 40th reunions…
    So happy to have found your site. I look forward to reading all of your nostalgia…. Makes me happy…. Thanks!!!

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