The ‘Smell’ of Missoni for Target Success

My curiosity got the better of me again yesterday when I decided to go back to Target to check out the Missoni goings-on there.  I must admit that I started coveting the colorful zigzag shoe box and somehow felt I just had to have it (I know, I know; caving into the hype).

The Missoni clothes rack was completely bare at my Target.  When I went to look at the shoes, there was one box of shoes left.  They were the suede pump and, get this, they were in my size (10)!  So I took this as a sign that this pair of shoes was meant for me.

I was kind of thrilled to get the box, it is very cool.  I was actually pretty impressed with the shoes.  They have a suede upper and a leather sole, which I thought was quite remarkable.  The 4″ heel is a bit too high for me; I will stand 6’1″ while wearing them.  But they are quite solid and comfortable, with a cushioned insole.

What struck me the most (literally) was the overwhelmingly toxic stench of the shoes upon opening the box!  I am pretty sensitive to smells, and this was really quite awful.  I opened the box and put them out in the garage to air out.  After a day of airing, alas the smell is still there.

This brought me back to the reality that these shoes were made in China, not Italy.   Who knows in what kind of conditions, and what kind of toxic chemicals were used?  The jury is still out on how this will affect Missoni’s image in the fashion world.  But I’m sure that I’m not the only buyer who noticed this.

I’ve got the box, and I’ve got the shoes.  It will remain to be seen if I’m actually able to use/wear them.

~Marilyn Huttunen

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