The Pigeon and I

I have this thing about birds.  I mean, I like them when they are flying around in their natural state outdoors, but any bird indoors just sets me on edge!  I don’t even like them in cages; it just seems so unnatural and dirty.  And the couple of times where wild birds actually flew into my house nearly caused a panic attack in me.  Nope, nope, birds are best kept at a distance with me.

It had been quite a long while since I had any kind of run-in or incident with a bird.  And I was quite happy with that situation.  But all that changed last Saturday…unfortunately.

I was walking out to the parking lot after shopping at one of my favorite thrift stores.  I noticed a number of pigeons lurking around the Chinese restaurant across the street.  I thought, fine, just as long as they stay away from me!  Well I was almost to my car when I heard a thud, and felt something hitting the side of my head.  The pigeon had got me.  And got me good.

I have long hair, and the complete side and length of my hair was covered in a gooey gloppy smelly mess.  I tried to wipe off what I could, but decided to head straight home and wash my hair (again…of course, I had just washed it).  I was zooming along as fast as I could, gagging and choking all the way.  I immediately washed my hair – three times.  Let’s just say that pigeon poop has many layers to it.  All disgusting.  And reading later that pigeon poop is toxic, and can make you very ill didn’t help matters much.

It may have the bird’s revenge on me for copping such an attitude about birds in general.   Or it may have been some of cosmically-timed occurrence.  But most probably I was just at the wrong place when the pigeon decided to dump his load.  I am hoping for more positive chance occurrences in the future!

“Accept that some days you’re the pigeon, and some days you’re the statue.” 😀

~Marilyn Huttunen

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