From The Food Pyramid to My Plate

There’s a new food chart in town, and it ain’t the pyramid.  I like pyramids, the Egyptian ones that is, but what they had to do with eating the correct foods was always a bit confusing.  All those angles pointing upwards with food stacked here and there really didn’t make much sense to me.  I am a visual person and trying to figure out the mathematical proportions on what to actually eat was a bit difficult.

So voila, finally some simplicity!  Today, the federal government announced it was getting rid of the food pyramid and revealed the plate; MyPlate to be exact.  It shows a plate divided into proportionate sections of fruits, vegetables, grains and protein, with a glass of dairy.  I guess since most of us eat off of plates they figured it was something we could all relate to.  At least those of us who cook and eat at home – not quite sure how the fast-food drive-thru eating crowd will relate to it though!

Anyway, it seems to get down to business.  There is nary a sweet or junk food item to be seen.  As always, lots of fruits and vegetables are recommended, along with whole grains, low fat dairy, and lean protein.  All good advice and it gives us a direction to strive for, especially when feeding kids.  But, to be truthful, I will sneak in a cookie or ice cream from time to time (sssssh – don’t tell!)

~Marilyn Huttunen

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