Book Review: Are You Tired and Wired? by Marcelle Pick

As a Hay House New Release Reviewer, I recently read ‘Are You Tired and Wired?  Your Proven 30-Day Program for Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue and Feeling Fantastic Again’ by Marcelle Pick.  Available at Hay House.

I was really drawn to the book because, probably like most women, I lead a pretty stressful life and I know that it can affect the adrenal glands.  Over the past several years I have made a conscientious effort to try to deal with stress more effectively by healthy eating, meditation, and exercise.  And for the most part I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job on keeping my stress levels at bay.  But this book made me realize that I do have several things to work on for optimum health.

Marcelle Pick does an excellent job in this book by focusing in on where you are in the adrenal spectrum.  By answering questions honestly, you can find out if you have mild, moderate or severe adrenal dysfunction, and if you are a racehorse, workhorse, or flatliner.

She gives detailed instructions on exercises, emotional work, diet, and supplements for each of the adrenal profiles.  She also includes lots of yummy recipes for healthy eating on the road to optimal adrenal function.  I really liked how she profiled several women, and gave details of their lives, and what they did to overcome their stressful lives.

I especially enjoyed this book because Marcelle really goes into more of the scientific/medical explanations on how a stressful lifestyle affects the adrenal glands.  Written with warmth and practicality, this book deserves to be read (and practiced) by most women in today’s busy society.

~Marilyn Huttunen

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  1. sas

    I agree! Just finished up this book and found Marcelle’s practical advice on living a more balanced life really helpful. I’m looking forward to reading her newest book, Is It Me or My Hormones?

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